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Subject matter of sociology

           Sociology is a general science.Though there are different argument on nature and scope of sociology on the whole it has several specialized areas of enquiry,each of which may employ it's own approach and techniques.As it syudies the different aspects of sociol life ,sociology has been classified into different sub division  or fields the maion subdivisions  of sciology given by Vidya Bhusan and Sach Dev:
       1)Sociological theory:In this area ,it includes or it studies the concepts, principles and generalization of sociology.Sociologist have developed various theories for the analysis of social phenomena.
Ancient Egyptian art,1,400 B.C
       2)Historical theory:Under this  area sociologist study the past social institution and origin of the present ones.The term historical  sociology is uaually applied to the study of social fact which are more than 5o years old.The sociologist normally go into the records pertaining to the  events that had happened  or have been observed.It basically deals with the comparative study of social groups,i.e their composition and conditions.

      3)Sociology of family:It studies the origin, growth, functions,kinds,nature of family and its problems like those of divorce e.t.c.
Eskomo family
      4)Human ecology and demography:It  studies the influence of population and damography factors on society.Human ecology is that part of sociology which studies human beings adjustment to their environment which includes not only the phyiscal conditions  of their geographical environment but also othe organism such as other fellow huiman being ,plants and animals.With the help of culturenthat man posses ,he can live almost everywhere on the planet.
       5)Sociology of community:It is the study of two types of community.One is rural and another is urban.So,it is known as rurl sociologu and urban sociology.
Peruvian community,learning to read
          a)Rural sociology:As word says  it studies about   society of village or rural society.It deals with the relationship structure and economic activities of rural people.It was originated in U.S.A.According to Sanderson,"rural sociology is the sociology of social life in the rural environment.
           In many countries,most pf te people live in rural area.Their way of life is also different than urban people.Therefore rural sociology is an important subject.It is studid in Nepal an M.A level as a separate  discipline (department)
                b)Urban sociology:In modern age,due to the  advancement  of science and the technology,the rural areas are develop into city area or urban area.The urbanization is growing very fast.Urban sociology studies the life of people in urban area,It studies the  way of life of people in urban area.The structureof society,the social relationship and teh economic studies and employment system are also studid by urban sociologist.It also studies the nature of changing society in urban area,the secondary relationship.e.t.c.
       6)Special sociology:The special sociologies,recently it has been developed different aspects of social relationship.Some pf them are as folows:
            a)Political sociology:It employs the method of  sociological research to investigate the content  of political behaviour.It treats political institution as parts of the social system..Political sociology is an integral part of sociologyu which has progressivelytrnsform political science in the directions of wider attentions to imparical reality.
            b)Economic sociology:It studies the economic activities of  different societies ,the economic process and relation between structures of society and their economic activities .It studies the changing  society  with economic growth and  crisis .It also studies  non-economic but the exchange of cash  like prize,gifts and dowry system which are not studied by ecomnomics.
           c)Sociology of education :Sociology of education study the teaching and learnming process of a society .It also studies the function and relationship between education and other great institutional orders of society sucha as the economy,the religion and kinship.It  studies how education helps to transmit culture,norms and values to other generations.It includes the functional importance of education,relations between educational institute and society.
In hindu religion,cow is symbol
of wealth,strength and selfless giving
         d)Sociology of law:This branch of sociology looks at law and legal system as a part of society  and also as social institution related to other  institution and  changing with them.It regards law as one of the means of social control.Law is related to moral oder to a  body of costume and ideas  about society.
          e)Sociology of religion:Religion is belief in supernatural power.It is believe in exactment of god and the activities that are connected to worship in them..Every people and the society believe in the god.No society is free from religion.The social structure and human believe upon the types of religion.The sociology of religion studies the role and the functions of the religions  and it's impact on human thinking .It also  studies how people  act according to their religion.So,this is the fast growing subject.

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