Thursday, September 9, 2010


           Social sciences basically study human groups,society and social environment.The social sciences such as, history,anthropology,physiology,economice,political science e.t.c studies the diferent aspects of the sociology of man.Theses social sciences are very much interelated .Sociology as a science of societyhas joined the family of social science very recently.It becomes very necessary to a student of sociology to know teh differences and the relations of the sociology with other sciences.However the study of the differences and similarities of sociology with other sciences has become very diffucult and also has been a matter of controversy.
           Today ,indisciplinary approach is gaining popularity in the field of social science.To understand,one social science one needs the understanding ot others.Similarly,sociology has borrowed many things from other sciences and at the same times,enrich other sciences by it's useful sociological knowledge.In this context ,it becomes assentila to know the interelation between sociologyb and history ,economics,political,anthropology ,social physcology,education e.t.c

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